Antoine Diel

Antoine Diel was born in Manila, Philippines. Hailing from a musical family, Antoine sang from childhood in church as well as competitions and public events. He grew up in Los Angeles, California where he continued singing in high school and studied in the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California earning Bachelors and Masters of Music Degrees - Vocal Arts.

Antoines' credits range from operas, musicals, plays as well as solo and choral concerts in both secular and sacred music, ADR/voice-over and singing on recordings and demos for movies and various projects. He now calls New Orleans home and astounds audiences nightly all throughout the city with his outstanding soulful singing. His band, the Misfit Power, is comprised of some of the hardest working, talented musicians in the city.

Antoine's Monday night residency in Buffa's Back Room is on pause right now, but we look forward to having him back when we return to normal operations. This performance was recorded live from Buffa's Back room on on Wednesday May 28, 2020 with Ted Long on bass and Daniel Schroeder on guitar.

Antoine Diel

This performance was recorded live from Buffa's Back room on on Monday March 2, 2020 and celebrates 7 years of residency at Buffa's.

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